Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tori: to.ri (noun) tawr-ahy, tohr-ahy ~ 1. medical supremo 2. superstar/charismatic to the max 3. Steph's hero.

That's her. She's my brother Sam's girrrrrrlfriend. And I love her.
I never had a sister. And I've had old boyfriends whose sisters weren't....very nice to me. There is nothing worse than feeling completely unwelcome and intrusive and unimportant, a feeling brought on by the treatment of someone else your OWN age!
So I swore black and blue that when my brothers had girlfriends, I would be welcoming, and kind, and interested in them. I think I've done okay so far. They'll have to vouch for me.

I met Tori in April 2006. Jack was 7 weeks old. It had just been discovered that some of my placenta was left inside my uterus, I had just had the D&C (that had rendered me infertile for 18 months) to remove the tissue, and had arrived at my mum's house for some TLC. Kelvin, Jack and I were walking down the driveway and Sam and Tori were backing out in the car. I saw this cute little blonde haired girl poke her head out the window and exclaim "are you okayyyyyy? nice to meet you!"

I liked her immediately.

Fast forward four years. She and Sam are still going strong. She has watched Jack grow up. She has become my friend irrespective of her realtionship with Sam. I consider her my friend, independent of him. I am not nice to her because she is Sam's girlfriend and it's polite. I love her because she is nice, and she is cool and funny. She is warm, she makes an effort with everyone she meets. Her charisma is electrifying. There are no games. She is accepting, non-judgemental.

She is the first person who sent me a text message after Sybella died.

The photo of the two of us above was taken in December 2009. I was 18 weeks pregnant with Sybella....and a tad...puffy. Even my face was retaining water! I cant believe how bloated I look. Our family had gone to Bluey's Beach over Christmas, and we were spending the day at the beach. Tori looks beautiful, as per usual.

Tori is about to finish her degree in Medicine at Sydney Uni in September. She's smart.
She has done her Obstetrics and Gynaecology training a few years ago, I think. In the process, she considered one of her doctors so progressive and talented, and basically the best in his field of obstetrics and gynaecology, that she considered him her mentor. She worked under him, building a relationship and learning as much as she could in this field.

Now, this doctor IS considered the best in his field. I think he's a little famous in the pink and squishy world. I wont name him because I'm not sure if he'd like it. So I'll call him The Boss.

Tori organised for me to see The Boss shortly after Sybella died. Now, The Boss is so dang popular and sought after that you cant get in to see him if you are a normal plebian. But thanks to Tori, I was a shoe-in.

Because of Tori, I was about to embark on the safest medical professional relationship I have ever experienced. I was about to feel the most comforted and coddled that I ever had. And it was exactly what I needed.

Thanks Torasaurus xx

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  1. First off, what great beaches you have in Australia! I've only heard about them via Blanka's Godfather (from Melbourne). We have only rocky things around here. I'd love to walk on sand rather than pierce my foot every time I enter the sea.

    More importantly, I'm thrilled that you feel so taken care of - that's so important not just now but always!

    And finally, you don't look puffy - you look perfect.