Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carly Dudley

Carly Dudley has quickly become one of my idols and main inspirations. She writes names in the sand for parents who has lost precious babies. She also is the one who has organised Day of Hope on August 19. She is one of the most beautifully creative people I know. Her art and photography is breathtaking. I wish I had her gift of transforming everything around me into something beautiful. She channels her grief so gracefully into her art and it is clear just how gentle and organic she is as a person.
Carly lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband Sam and their three daughters, Scarlett, River and Ocea (a name which I love, by the way. It sounds like sparkly waves). Carly's second child and only son, Christian was stillborn. He is her inspiration for the Names in the Sand project, and many of the other gorgeous art projects she undertakes, I'm sure.
Carly provides advice, support and healing for all babylost mothers through The Grief Effect (see sidebar). For me, her blogs are places of healing and comfort. If I am having a bad day, or even a bad moment, "visiting" her beach, looking at her photos, reading her poetry will help me immensly.
I have a special beach too. Carly has inspired me to spend more time at my special beach...To bundle up Jack, rug him up in warm clothes, and drive to the little piece of tranquillity that we are lucky to be twenty minutes from. I went last weekend and it gave me peace that lasted all week.

If you are a babylost mama, I urge you to visit The Grief Effect, To Write Their Names In The Sand, and Love Reign Over Me, all blogs of Carly Marie Dudley. If you are like me, the beauty of her work will make your heart ache, but your eyes smile.

Blessings xx

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