Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Any Questions?

At this point, I thought I'd give readers the opportunity to ask any questions they may have so far.
If you know me in person, you know that I will answer just about anything. I feel that it is very very important to lift the silence surrounding stillbirth and make it a topic that is spoken honestly and openly about.
I knew nothing about stillbirth before it happened to me. Maybe if I knew more about risk factors, symptoms and signs to look out for, kick counts, etc, it wouldnt have happened.
So I am lifting the lid. Ask me anything. (Hopefully I'll get some questions. How embarrassing if I dont!)
Either leave your question in the "comments" section, or drop me a line (email address link can be found by viewing my profile).
Peace and strength xx


  1. Actually yes, I have a few questions.

    1. What are the chances of this happening again? Have you learned anything about that?

    2.Are they going to do anything differently for the next pregnancies? (are you now considered high risk?) Similarly, are you going to ask for anything different with subsequent pregnancies in terms of care (or do do things differently in terms of self care)?

    3. You wrote a post about what NOT to say. How some things that you wish people would've said?

  2. Great questions, Kimberly. They involve much explanation, so I will dedicate a post to each one.
    Simple quick answers are:
    1. Very low chance of happening again, since Sybella's stillbirth was unexplained.
    2. Next pregnancy is considered high risk. Monitoring is a very serious exercise.
    3. Lots of things I wish people would say. Lots of them did, so I need to write how much I appreciated it.