Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trusting Instincts

Before I had Sybella, I was an intensly perceptive person, but naive. I often had vibes and feelings about certain situations, people, or places, that could be either positive or negative. I never trusted the feelings and didnt have confidence in my perception skills. Especially the negative ones. A negative vibe that I experienced would produce feelings and thoughts from me that MY perception must be wrong. As a result, I perservered with relationships and jobs and situations that in actual fact, were not conducive to a peaceful and happy life. I did it because I thought if I tried hard enough, I would get something positive from the situation, despite the overbearing feelings of tension and discomfort.
Sybella has given me permission to give into my perception skills. She has shown me that in most cases, my instincts have been correct. Now I trust my positive and negative feelings in response to aspects of my life and I go in the direction that feels the most comfortable, easy and "right." It is quite liberating. I feel like I dont have to justify my reasons for refusing something (I know I am being general here, but there are so many different facets that I refer to, that it would take forever to explain them all) because I've already had the greatest challenge in the world handed to me, and I wont willingly accept any more. I dont want challenge, and I dont deserve it. I have seen the true colours in many aspects of my life. The good and the bad. Sybella has shown me what I should embrace and be thankful for, and what it is I need to let go of.

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