Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post Mortem Results

Today I received a phone call from the head doctor in charge of Sybella's case. She had the results of the postmortem studies.

  • Blood tests from me (viral serology) ~ Nothing detected
  • Blood tests from Sybella (viral serology) ~ Nothing detected
  • Swabs from me (skin and mucus membranes) ~ Nothing detected
  • Swabs from Sybella (skin and mucus membranes) ~ Nothing detected
  • Placenta studies ~ Normal
  • Umblical cord studies ~ Normal
  • Autopsy (full organ study) ~ Normal

There is no reason why my baby died.

I'm crying now.


  1. Huge hugs Steph. I can only imagine how awful it must be to get no answers from a post mortem. Cry as much as you need too.

    Maddie x

  2. One of the problems of email blog feeds is that I get your posts in my inbox a day late!

    Sorry that you didn't have 'better' news from the doctors about Sybella....meaning, some REASON. I'm so sorry.

  3. Oh honey, I am so sorry (((BIG HUG))) I know how important it can be to want answers and how heartbroken you must be feeling not knowing WHY. Thinking of you. xox

  4. Thinking of you beautiful Steph, and sending you massive hugs.. Your little Sybella was just too perfect for this Earth... xoxoxo
    Love Nikki xo