Saturday, January 7, 2012

Please Don't Tell Me You Know How I Feel

Reading though the SANDS SA newsletter a little while ago, I came across this poem that resonated with me quite strongly. Mostly because I am a changed person these days. Very different to who I used to be.
It was written by some friends of a couple who had lost their little grandson to a cerebral bleed shortly after birth. Jonah' story made me cry. So did this poem.

Please don't tell me you know how I feel,
unless you have lost your child too.
Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal,
because that is just not true.
Please don't tell me my son is in a better place,
though it is true, I want him here with me.
Don't tell me someday I'll hear his voice, see his face,
beyond today I cannot see.
Don’t tell me it is time to move on,
because I cannot.
Don’t tell me to face the fact he is gone,
because denial is something I can't stop.
Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had,
because I wanted more.
Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad,
I'll never be as I was before.

What you can tell me is you will be here for me,
that you will listen when I talk of my child.
You can share with me my precious memories,
you can even cry with me for a while.
And please don't hesitate to say his name,
because it is something I long to hear everyday.
Friend, please realize that I can never be the same,
but if you stand by me, you may like the new person I become someday.

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