Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a little uplifting post. Today the three of us had a particularly gorgeous day.
Jack stayed with his grandparents last night, so Kelvin and I had a night to ourselves. Well, he watched football and I read and blogged, but we sat in companionable silence, his arm around me.
We got a sleep in, pottered around in the morning, tidying up and whatnot. Then we went down and picked up Jacky, who was most pleased to see us. Apparently he was telling Papa and Nana that mummy was his best girl and daddy was his best boy. That's pretty cool.
So we took him to Macquarie Centre, had some lunch and watched the ice skaters. Then, highlight of the day, we watched Toy Story 3. What a top movie! Granted, someone was in our designated seats, so we sat in different ones, only to be severely reprimanded (!) by another patron for sitting in their seats! Ah, we had a laugh about that. It's all you can do. Then Jack flicked a tantrum switch when the movie had 15 minutes to go, and we had to leave. Bummer. That's okay. He's only four. Came home to find a surprise Buzz Lightyear toy waiting for him.
This evening, I got to sit on the computer and blog, while Kelvin lit a fire in the back room, toasted marshmallows and watched a movie with Jack....Toy Story 1, to be exact. Cue companionable silence again. Everyone happy and tired and content.
As I write, Jack and I are in bed, he's watching Bunny Town, leaning into me, snuggled up with Buzz Lightyear. Bliss.


  1. sounds like a perfect kind of day.
    spent a couple of years in my teens liking on herring road.... M. centre was my next door neighbour..... lol still love to watch the skaters. can't shop there anymore, caon't find anything... well big w, myers and woolies are still where they belong, as is the rink and Macca's but every thing else has moved or gone and now HUGE!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had fun with your better half.

    "Goodnight Sybella, give mummy lots of peace tonight and sweet dreams."
    love to your family.


  2. try living on herring road.... guess I liked it.. but i lived on it!!!!