Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rose

We have had floods of rain for the last few weeks. As a result, Sybella's Rose was flooded, and is now dying. Does anyone know a way to save it? I feel immense guilt that I am letting the symbol of her life die, and feel like I am losing her all over again. I'm not too sure what the neighbours think when they hear me crying and apologising to a rose bush.


  1. Hi- reading this from Mamamia blog. Just want to say, don't feel guilty, she knows you love her no matter how the rose goes :)

  2. Hi also Steph, I came across your blog through Maddie. I'm so sorry for your loss, and although I know we all have our own stories to tell, we all know the same pain, and in sharing it, I hope you find comfort.
    On the subject of Sybella's rose, I am no horticultural expert, but my garden has kept me going since Autumn last year when it finally cooled enough for me to start planting a place for my daughter. I wouldn't worry too much about it at this time of year, if the soil is still sodden it could be causing a little root rot, it may pay to take it out and repot it for a while, it shouldn't cause much stress I shouldn't think. Roses do go dormant through this time of year, and Sybella's has only been in for a short time. If you are worried, Sea"sol or other similar concoctions can help plants to deal with stress too.
    I know how wprrying it can be, on my daughter's EDD last year I bought her two lovely roses, came home and duly potted them up, but unfortunately I lost one after the upper branches were snapped off by accident, shortly after her EDD.

    Thinking of you Steph,
    Michelle x