Wednesday, June 16, 2010


To adequately tell Sybella's story, I must start at the very beginning.
My son Jack was born in 2006, and due to his breech presentation, a caesarean was scheduled on the 10th of February. He was born perfectly healthy, a whopping 9 lb and all was well with the world. When he was seven weeks old, it was found that I had some retained products (read: placenta. Sorry) which needed to be removed. I remember vividly being excited at the thought of one hour of uninterrupted sleep...albeit under general anaesthetic, but hey. A new mother will take what she can get. A vigourous D&C later, I was on my way.
Until April 2008, when my husband Kelvin and I started trying for another baby. Jack was two and a half, cool age gap. He'll turn three and the baby will be born, sez I. Happy days.
One month went by. Then two. After six months I started to get frustrated. At eight months I burst into tears. By eleven months, I was downright petrified. Why werent we falling pregnant?
Short story shorter, after investigations, it transpired that the vigourous D&C left scar tissue in my uterus, in fact, two of the the uterine walls were stuck together, preventing implantation. Had a lovely, digified procedure to correct it, and bam! Pregnant! Whoot!

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