Friday, June 25, 2010

Are You Crying? Or Is It Just the Eye Drops?

Today I had to see an opthamologist because I had been experiencing flashing lights in my peripheral vision this week. Dr Google told me that I could have a detached retina. My GP was concerned about the same thing, and so sent me to this specialist. Short story shorter, I dont have a detached retina, but have been experiencing stress related migraines, without the headache. Hmmm.
That was good news, but the morning at the opthamologist was terrible. I arrived at 9.40 am for my 9.50 appointment. The surgery was really busy, but I could cope with that. I was seen by a nurse first, who administered drops to make my pupils dilate, which became very unsettling, as my pupils became so big that you couldnt see the coloured part of the eye (iris?) As a result, I couldnt see! My vision was completely blurred, so I couldnt even read a magazine! This sort of distressed me, and I felt uncomfortable. I could see in the distance, but not up close. The entire waiting room was full of people who were 60+, except for me, the young'un. At one point, a woman about my age came in with a...get girl, about 8 weeks old. Exactly the age Sybella would be if she were here. Good grief, I thought, of ALL the people to come in, I had to be confronted with an 8 week old baby. I know it wasnt the baby's fault, and I wasnt upset with the baby or her mother, just upset for me. And upset for my eyes, which were still experiencing blurred vision...which was probably for the best, because when I started crying in the waiting room, I was able to blame it on the drops. Thank goodness for the drops.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry for the unfortunate conincidence of the baby, that's a situation that's yet to get better for me either, but I had to say I went through the same thing at theophthalmologists recently too, and although I was feeling fine when I arrived, after an hour of sitting around with vision-destroying drops in, I felt like I hadn't slept in a week!
    you poor thing, hope the migraines don't trouble you too much x