Tuesday, June 22, 2010


On the day that I believed that Sybella died, I was sitting in my loungeroom, watching television. Our loungeroom has windows across the front of the house, so you can see right into the front yard. As I watched TV, something kept catching my eye from my peripheral vision, I kept thinking someone was coming to the front door. It was a type of shadow that kept making me look out the front windows, except no one was ever there when I turned and looked. I did notice hundreds and hundreds of butterflies in the front garden, something I had never seen there before. The front yard was simply teeming with them.
These butterflies must have been coming to get her, I have since decided.
Since Sybella's death, butterflies have flocked to our backyard in droves, beautiful white butterflies. In those early days, they were just about the only thing that made me smile. I said hello to them, because I think that they are her spirit visiting. The reason I think this is because there are so many and they visit so often. One day, a butterfly sat on our back screen door for about twenty minutes, and they tend to come right up and land on Kelvin.
I have placed a butterfly picture on the sidebar, because for us, butterflies have since become a symbol of Sybella, a symbol of purity, freedom and beauty.

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