Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ask Yourself. Do You Feel Lucky? Well? Do You?

The answer is yes.
I dont feel as lucky as those who take home a thriving, healthy baby. The best possible outcome from Sybella's pregnancy would have been bringing her home, warm and alive.
But if we couldnt, the next best thing was realising just how lucky we were that Sybella chose us to be her family. That she chose ME to be her mummy. How special am I?! I am the one who gets to be Sybella's mother forever, and for that I feel priviledged and grateful.
There is something very important and transcedent about Sybella Eve, it was obvious from the moment she was born. And forever, I get to be the one who carried her in my womb, birthed her, and be her mother.

We love you, Bella Boo. Thank you for being such a gift xx

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