Friday, June 18, 2010

A Proud Mother

I was so proud of my daughter. I cannot describe the peace and tranquility that came off her in waves.
The saddest thing was, that even though I was the mother, and she was the baby, I felt protected by her. She was the one looking after me. I could feel it. She sent me the perfect midwives for my situation. She worked with me to be born as peacefully as possible, under the circumstances. She helped me by touching me with her gentle soul, just moments after her birth, and caressing my heart with her serenity. She brought clarity to my life.
Sybella looked after me. I wish I could be looking after her right now.


  1. I am so sorry for your sorrow, and I send prayers to you from the shores of lake superior to be strong, and know you are being cared for by angels in your sad moments. Ask them for help, they will comfort your. Again, I am so sorry. In sisterhood, Michelle.

  2. Stephanie - I'm Maddie (Matilda's Mum) from Mama Mia. I've got a blog too ( and have found a lot of support there.

    Sybella's birth story had me in tears.

    I'm so sorry she's not here for you to look after.

  3. Stephanie, Kelvin and Jack.
    You are amazing and you write so beautifully. I have just read your blog (via mamamia) and sobbed. You are so strong and soft at the same time (I mean that in a very good way). I felt your anxiety with the gentle movement as with my second daughter she moved little hence I spent the tail end of my pregnancy in a constant state of anxiety. I was lucky as all was well, but I believe mums instinct beats Dr knowledge hands down.
    your most precious little girl is most certainly an angel and she will be with you and your family forever.
    I wish you all the very best for this most difficult journey and hope at some point you find peace.
    You are clearly a wonderful mother - and I agree the Wiggles are hard work but high 5 are worse!!!
    Take care and love to your and your beautiful family.