Friday, December 17, 2010

Worth A Read

This article is a few weeks old, I think, but I thought it was worth posting, for a couple of reasons:
1. If you are a babylost parent, it is likely that everything this woman says will hit home with you too. I know it did with me.
2. If you are the supporter/friend/family member of a babylost parent, the article gives some good insights into the state of mind of a grieving parent. It might help you understand why they do or say the things they do, especially in that raw initial period.

Worth a read.

Giving Birth To A Stillborn Son

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  1. I "know" Rhonda through the blogging world. We also met in Sydney at the Stillbirth Foundation lunch in October (by the way, were you at at that?? Her blog is amazing and I'm glad she's shared her story about Cameron this way as well. Our stories are sadly very similar.
    Thanks for sharing this again here.