Monday, November 8, 2010


Why did I choose, after 7 months, to now post the birth photos of Sybella?
Because since she has entered my life, I have felt so proud. And I wanted to share that with everyone.
Proud of this little girl, who never drew a breath, for changing my life.
This little girl, who I am totally and completely in love with.
Her strength shines out from each picture, I think, and I wanted to show you.
I wanted to show her off.
I never got to, you know.
Isnt she beautiful?


  1. Sybella is absolutely gorgeous!

    I know exactly how you feel. My daughter Erin was born sleeping at 32 weeks. I wish I could have shown her off too.

    I don't know you officially but I do know some of the lovely ladies in the Bears of Hope Central Coast Group, who know you :)

    Take care,
    Angela Mitchell

  2. she is beautiful!!!
    and like a lamp, should not be hidden but allowed to shine!! (just like you mum)
    thank you for sharing with us.
    means a lot to me that you are willing to share something so precious and personal.

  3. Absolutely! you should be so proud to show her off! She is stunning
    B xx

  4. She is very beautiful and you are very strong and she will continue to give you strength and love forever more xo

  5. Yes, she is. Thank you for sharing pictures of your sweet baby girl.