Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Props

Giving Props:
Slang term for
"accolades," "proper respect," or "just dues."
E.g: My four-year-old son is the king of 
Snakes and Ladders,
but punk neighbor kids won't give him his props.

I had a rough few weeks and wasnt my normal, lovely, composed self ;o)
I put it down to sick husband and child, no sleep, resurgence of intense grief, pregnancy anxiety (read: irrationality), hormones. What else? Hunger. Yes.

I have to give props to some people who have been completely unwavering in their kindness, understanding and support.

Big Ups to:

Maddie: A beautiful soul with a heart of gold, who checks in, offers a shoulder to cry on and seems to understand EVERYTHING I am going through.
Meredith: For remembering Sybella on the 24th, despite dealing with the 11 month anniversary of her own daughter's death.
Sally: For her maternal way of "watching over" me. Her words are like a bowl of warm soup and a cosy pair of slippers on a chilly night. She comforts me.
Kimberly: For her feisty protection of me and and reassurance that my grief is still valid, even after 7 months.
Merrill: For giving me a free pass, for letting me not be myself, for just understanding my crazy, crazy head.
Mithra: For her sense of humour, her capacity to make me laugh, even on my dark days. For her consistent support of my writing and her fabulous build ups.
Stephanie: For allowing me to vent, unload without repercussion, without judgement. For knowing what I am going through.
Belinda: For her constant check ins, her unwavering interest in my life and for not caring when I forget to ask her about her.
Kylie: For her tongue in cheek beratement of me for not calling her for help. She's like a mum.
Hayley: For listening to me bang on about the same things every week and never acting bored. For alleviating my anxiety regarding rashes and other terrible things.
Damn, I am lucky to have people like you in my life.

Thank you.


  1. Beautiful Steph your friends sound like gold.....even tho you have and will go through so much to have friends like this on top of a very beautiful family makes you a very rich person.....lots of luv to you.....Kim A.....XxXx.....

  2. Damn, now I feel bad for all the nasty rumors I've been spreading around... Glad I can make you smile Steph, I'm amazed at your ability to make me smile! xxx

  3. Oh wow, I'm so touched. When I got to the list, I so did not expect to see my name there, as I feel like we only just "met". Thank you so much. Really.
    When I got handed my membership to this stupid club, almost two and a half years ago, I clung to those who were further up the road than me. I said to myself back then that I would do whatever I could to help the newbies out there once I became one of the seasoned grievers. So this is what I'm doing for you - reaching out for you and letting you know, as many other wonderful parents have, that you're not alone.

  4. *blushing*

    I'm glad that you feel supported, mama!