Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beautiful Memories

I am adding some more photos of some of the memories we have made of Sybella. The first photo is of the flowers that sat on top of her casket at her funeral. They have been preserved and framed. Although the end result is quite spectatcular, I am overcome with sadness by how small the bouquet is. A tiny bouquet of flowers for a tiny coffin. It's just not fair.
The second photo is of my brother Patrick. He is 20 in December. He asked me if I minded if he got a tattoo of Sybella's name. Of course I didnt mind, but I did think he was joking. Dont ask me why I thought that, I guess it just seemed like something out of the blue! Anyway, the next day, I received this photo texted to me on my iPhone. Patty had done it! He even took the Order of Service from the funeral so that the tattooist could copy the same font. This was such a beautiful thought and so unexpected. Kelvin and I are very touched and honoured, Pat. For you to have a permanent reminder of Sybella etched onto your body...not only is it selfless, but it honours her memory in an extremely unique and beautiful way. So thank you. We love you, little brother.
(PS: The photo is smaler than the other one l because it is copied from my iPhone and the quality isnt great if I enlarge it. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that!)

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