Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Post ~ Balloon Release

Photos of our Candlelit Balloon Release on October 16 try to do  justice to the magnificence and beauty of the day itself and the tranquil atmosphere. You'll get the idea...
(Thanks Barb, for doing such a magnificent really helped capture the spirit of the day.)

Sybella's luminaire candle

Candles for the babies

Thinking of Briasell

Missing their sister


Adrian, Sam and Sam (my brother on the right)

Writing love notes for their baby

Messages of love

Kelvin, the Balloon Filler-Upperer

A balloon for Sybella, from Jack

Waiting for release

Jack with Sybella's balloon

Saying a few (emotional) words prior to release

Singing for the babies and their families

Angus and Julia Stone's "Big Jet Plane"

Singing gentle tunes as balloons were released

Balloons were released as babies names were called one by one

Watching for Astrid Rose

Balloons filled the sky...

For all the precious babies...

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  1. Just beautiful Steph, the balloon release was really beautiful. Im so glad it went ok, I wish i could have been there.
    xx Katie