Thursday, October 21, 2010

Light For Sybella

Our candle for Sybella
As stated in my previous post, October 15 was the day of The Wave of Light. From 7pm until 8pm, we kept our candle burning for Sybella, along with the rest of Australia who lit a candle to honour their own baby or a loved one's baby.
I was deeply moved to receive easily over two dozen messages from family and friends who wanted to tell me that they had lit a candle for Sybella too. I even got some photos from very special people of their candle that they had lit for her. It really did mean the world to know that Bell was being hnoured and remembered so beautifully. Gosh, I dont know another little girl, who never even breathed, who has touched so many lives! I am so proud that she is my daughter. Her strength continues to shine out, even though she isnt physically here and her baby spirit is just remarkable. Thank you all for your commemoration of Sybella's life.

From Lina
From Kylie

From Tori

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