Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Restricted Access

Mmm, so I have had to change the status of Born Still from open to restricted/invited readers only. I'll briefly explain why, and the reason has outraged me.
Okay, so it is no secret that I am staunchly pro-vaccine. I post, with other like minded parents, doctors and scientists on a certain pro-vaccine fan page on Facebook. My posts and comments, although sometimes have an air of frustration towards anti-vaccinationists, are never rude, insulting or threatening. I do not think that vaccinating is a matter of choice, because it is a community health issue. A decision not to vaccinate affects vulnerable members of the community. However, I still respect that people who dont vaccinate are still people, and parents who want to do the right thing by their kids. Therefore, I merely try and put forward correct, science and evidence based arguments to these people and try to debunk the flurry of misinformation swirling around, with the help of other extremely intelligent pro-vax participants. I do so in a polite and reasonable manner. So do my compatriots. It is something that we are proud of.
On the flipside, the anti vaccinationists who challenge us have proven themselves incapable of holding an intelligent debate, have resorted to name calling, threats and insults in an attempt to try and further their anti-vax stance. Obviously, trying to participate in a debate with people who use these particular tactics is futile.
Amongst my comments on this fan page, I have made it known that Sybella was stillborn, and that as a parent of a baby who has died, I advocated for vaccines because I shudder when I hear of infants dying of Pertussis when it is thoroughly preventable.
However, some anti-vaxxers have since stated that I paraded around on the fan page, claiming that Sybella died from a vaccine preventable illness. They stated that I lied about the way that Sybella died for no other reason than to strengthen my pro-vax stance. They have searched me on Google, found this blog, and directed all their anti-vax cronies over here to stalk my dedication to my daughter, my online memorial, my deepest, most personal raw anguish. I dont want their nasty, unempathetic, uncompassionate words muddying up Sybella's site. So I have had to restrict access. Unfortunately.
And, of course, I have never said anything that suggested Sybella died from a vaccine preventable illness. I stated outright that she was stillborn. I have the thread links to prove it. These grown women are simply targeting a vulnerable person, who they dont even know, without any knowledge of what I have been through...just because they can. Just because I dont agree with them. Just because I vaccinate and they dont.
Grown women. Huh. It's kind of revolting to read what they have written about me.
Rest assured, they were all on the receiving end of my anger when I read their posts. And do they apologise? No. Do they attempt to defend themselves? Yes. Do they remark that I have blown things out of proportion? Yes.
Sure, ladies. I'll sit back as you accuse me of lying about my daughter's cause of death, call me sick and ask "what kind of person does that??" Well, since I didnt do it, I have nothing to say about it.

So that is that. The lack of humanity is frightening. I am just so glad that I went ten months before I "met" people like this.


  1. That's absolutely horrid Steph :(
    I have nothing for you but ((hugs)) and <3 love and a strong desire to find these womens personal FB pages and write horrible, childish, nasty things on them.

  2. How absolutely disgusting of them?
    Im sorry you had to bear witness to their vitriolic comments, they obviously have an agenda to push and they've quite clearly targeted you because yes, in a sense you're vulnerable, but Steph, you should be proud of yourself for being a bigger person, they're obviously childish and uneducated, and from here they sound like their heads are too far up their arse to even see things from a different perspective.